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Lunaria rediviva

Lunaria rediviva


Perennial Honesty (upper right of photo)

Grown for the silvery-translucent dried pods. This is similar to Lunaria annua (aka Honesty or Silver Dollar), but the shape of the pods is narrowly elliptical, rather than the round coin-shape pods of regular Lunaria. Lunaria rediviva also has the benefit of being a hardy perennial (Zone 5/+). Approx 50 seeds.


Best germination is by sowing in damp vermiculite in a sealed plastic bag. Cycle between room temperature and refrigerator, starting at room temperature. 4-6 weeks at each temperature until germination occurs. Alternatively, Lunaria rediviva can be direct-sown in mid-autumn. Grow in full sun to part shade, average moisture.


Seed grown in Peterborough, Ontario @wildimaginationco.


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